Lymph management and diet massage

Let me know about the lymph circulation massage.

In our bodies, the circulatory system has blood vessels and lymphatic vessels.

Blood vessels transport blood and supply various nutrients and oxygen to our bodies.

Lymphatic ducts release toxins and wastes accumulated in the body as the 강남가인안마 lymphatic fluid flows.

The root cause of all diseases is caused by blood circulation disorder, which is also very important because lymph circulation also releases waste and toxins

If the lymph circulation is not smooth, swelling occurs throughout the body, leading to decreased skin elasticity and various pain, edema and obesity.

There is a part of the lymphatic tract called lymph nodes, which release viruses and bacteria and enhance immune function.

Lymph nodes are concentrated in the body part of our body, which is called roots.

It has the largest lymph node in the abdomen and is concentrated in the inguinal groin neck armpit.

Pleasure meridian healing has an excellent effect in promoting lymphatic circulation because it penetrates the whole body meridian and releases all of the lymph nodes of our body.

If lymph circulation is promoted, various swelling edema is resolved, and the color is clear, as well as the effect of reducing the face

And since when, the number of visitors is increasing due to skin problems.

Many people make a lot of efforts to make their skin fundamentally healthy.

The skin is called the reflector of the five-lotted flesh.

Detoxing the abdomen eliminates various skin troubles and creates a glossy and clear skin

Acne is caused by excessive heat to the face.

The main cause is inflammation caused by bacteria as sebum is secreted due to the heat of the face.

Due to the problem of the five-sided body, the heat is excessively concentrated on the face. The problem of abdominal gas, liver heat, fire extinguisher, and uterine blood are caused by the blood of the uterus.

Because of the toxins and toxic gases in the intestines, blood vessels are contaminated with toxins, which can also cause facial skin stimulation.

The symptoms and flushing are caused by problems of the circulation of blood, which are accompanied by headache, chronic fatigue, chest answers, and indigestion.

The cause is caused by excessive blood rushes to the face and head.

In addition, when the central nervous system is tense due to chronic stress and the sympathetic nervous system is in a state of dominant, the whole body is tense and develops into upper symptoms and redness.

These symptoms can be improved by a rainy massage abdominal massage.

It is a key therapy to drill the whole body meridian through the whole body massage and to remove the abdominal gas with the rainy massage and toxin.

The Pleasure Meal Massage is a natural healing massage that pierces the whole body meridian and restores the function of the five-piece body, the center of the human body, to give a healthy beauty

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