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321 national innovative companies that will lead innovation growth have been selected. The limit of support such as loans to them will also be expanded.

The Financial Supervisory Commission said on July 6 that the government selected 321 representative innovative companies in accordance with the “1000 comprehensive financial support plan for innovative companies” prepared in July last year. Earlier, the Financial Supervisory Commission selected 279 representative innovative companies twice. A total of 1.7983 trillion won (1.3 trillion won in loans, 353.7 billion won in guarantees, and 137 billion won in investment) was provided to 140 companies with demand for funds among these companies.

The 321 companies selected were selected evenly throughout the innovative growth industries such as advanced manufacturing and automation, chemical and new materials, energy, and information and communication. 92 companies (28.6%) were selected for the Big 3 (Future Car, Biohealth, System Semiconductor). More than 60% of the initial innovative companies and more than 90% of the small and medium-sized companies were selected.

In order to increase the predictability of financial support for selected companies, ‘Innovative Enterprises’ National 1000 Policy Financial Support Guidelines’ were also prepared. In the selection stage, each ministry will evaluate the innovation and technology of the company according to the standards that it has prepared, but it plans to consider the disqualification requirements 폰테크 of financial support such as credit information and full capital erosion in the previous year. It is applied from the fourth selection time.

In the financial support stage, each policy financial institution will provide minimum support and support for support limits and conditions. Even companies with low credit ratings will be supported through separate screening criteria considering innovation and technology, and prompt decision-making will be made through downgrading the voting rights. Among the selected companies, financial support complaints will be continuously checked through the ‘Financial Affair Support Team’ consisting of 1000 comprehensive support teams, financial institutions, and selected ministries.

The government will also expand its loan support to increase loans from 25 to 50% of its estimated sales to 50 to 60%, while the Export-Import Bank will expand from 50 to 90% of its exports to 100%. Considering innovation and technology, up to 0.9 ~ 1.0 percentage point interest rate reduction is also applied.

The Credit Guarantee Fund and the Technology Guarantee Fund will extend the operating fund limit within the maximum guarantee limit (new news 15 billion won and notation 10 billion won). The guarantee ratio will be expanded (85 percent to 95 percent), and the guarantee rate will be reduced by 0.4 percentage points.

In order to expand the improvement of the administrative system, the Financial Supervisory Commission will select the “Best Practices for Active Administration” for each half-year and award the prize. In the second half of the year, all departments will be selected as excellent civil servants.

The Financial Supervisory Commission plans to expand the number of private financial experts from 8 to 35 to strengthen the administrative system deliberation function. The new committee will be composed of academics, lawyers, researchers and other financial experts. The number of female committee members will also increase from two to 12. The government plans to appoint youth members under the age of 34 within the year.

In order to strengthen the linkage between the policy and the committee and strengthen the expertise of deliberation, four divisions were formed: policy, industrial innovation, capital market, and consumer.The committee meeting will be held in accordance with the agenda, consisting of more than nine members from the government committee and private members by division.

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