All three games against the Czech Republic and Belarus were played full-time.

North Korea has announced that it will not participate in the Tokyo Olympics, which is scheduled to open in July this year, because of the new Coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

The website of “Chosun Sports” run by the North Korean Ministry of Sports and Sports said on the 6th, “(North Korea) Olympic Committee decided not to participate in the 32nd Olympic Games in accordance with the proposal of the committee members to protect the athletes from the global health crisis caused by malignant virus infection” .

As a result, North Korea’s participation in the Tokyo Olympics, which was expected to play a role in inter-Korean, North American and North Korean dialogue, was canceled.

The general meeting was held in Pyongyang on the 25th of last month by videoconferencing. At the time, North Korea reported that it discussed the “business totalization of the Chosun Olympic Committee last year and the direction of the project this year” at the general meeting, but did not disclose the decision to not attend the Olympics.

North Korea emphasized the task and strategy of entering the ranks of advanced countries in sports at the general meeting and emphasized that “the number of medals won in international games during the new five-year plan should be continuously increased and the heat of physical education should be heightened in the whole country.”

In addition, we discussed practical issues such as laying the foundations for the development of professional sports technology and organizing public sports activities.

The Olympic Committee chairman and sports minister Kim Il-kook was the reporter at the general meeting, and members of the Olympic Committee and officials from the sports and related sectors attended.
Tottenham have set up a centre-back line with Eric Dyer and Davinson Sanchez in a match against Newcastle United on the 4th (Korea time).

The main defender Eric Dyer was on the waiting list, but another center-back, Toby Alderbeirelt, was also excluded from the waiting list.

Mourinho said, “The two players were drawn to the national team and did the Corona test on Friday, which they had to do on Thursday. “The two players (at the training ground) only had one day yesterday,” the team replied.

But local media said Mourinho’s words were different from the truth: Alderbeiralt was at the training ground on Thursday, according to the Evening Standard in England.

“Alderbeiralt headed to London on Wednesday morning after playing the Belgian national team on Tuesday, and was tested for Corona during the call-up,” said Dan Kilpatrick, an evening standard reporter. “I participated in training on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and I also trained on Wednesday.”

“Murinho’s comments about Alderbeirelt have baffled the source,” Kilpatrick added.

Asked further about the absence of the two players, Mourinho 스포츠중계 said: “I don’t want to say it’s a disciplinary action. “The players who arrived in London on Wednesday after playing A matches like the British players were immediately tested for Corona and returned to the training ground on Thursday and trained on Friday and Saturday. But Alderbeirelt and Ducke only came yesterday (to the training ground),” he said.

Coincidentally, Tottenham drew 2-2 with Newcastle, especially in the process of allowing the equaliser in the 40th minute, with criticism that there was a complacency between Sanchez and Rodden.

Asked if the two players had trained faster and played, if the outcome of the match was different from Newcastle, Mourinho said: “It may be, but it’s strange to say yes. What answer do you want? Say: ‘Sanches and Rodden were very bad.’ I won’t say that. If you want to say that each time you two play, you’ve been really great. But do not ask me the answer you want. “

Alderbeirald disappeared from Tottenham Stadium after the defeat of Dinamo Zagreb; Tottenham ruled out Alderbeirelt and Orier on the match list with Astonvila, and announced that they had “pre-match injuries”.

The two players were called up to the national team the next day, however; Alderbeirelt played all three games in full time against Wales, the Czech Republic and Belarus in the Belgian national team.

“The Mourinho coach’s treatment of Alder Bayerl is strange,” Football London quoted Mourinho as saying. “Some Tottenham players were upset by Mourinho’s press conference remarks,” Express said.In addition to his comments about Alderbeiralt, Mourinho also said things that seemed to put the players in charge of the results.

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