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Huh Young-man, a diner, is going to find a new restaurant in the village of Heiri under the leadership of Kim Won-hee, who expressed strong confidence that he is usually a date course for Kim Won-hee. 폰테크 From the traditional miso restaurant where the art of Mejuro blossoms to the appearance of noodle craftsmen who have been evaluated in Paju with one noodle, the artistic taste of the Heiri rice table is unfolded.

The two diners first head to a restaurant in the town of Heyri, where the ceiling mejus, unlike the modern exterior, attract attention. This house is a traditional miso restaurant where meju is put on rice straw and put in a field. Without meju, it is confusing whether it is New York or Korean. The two diners made the taste curious, as opposed to the taste of cute tofu and tofu salad like finger food. Kim Won-hee showed a strong affection, saying that he liked miso stew and was the most confident dish, so that he could not dip the intestines directly, but if he went anywhere, he would use delicious miso as much as delicious miso.

Kim Won-hee also said, “When I am married on the anniversary, I look for Paju with my husband.” For that reason, he added, “It is because of the regular house that has become a life restaurant.”It is the main character of ‘Hwang Tae Hae Jangguk House’ which is going to be a restaurant among local people until 4 pm. Even Kim Won-hee, who says, “I can not drink a sip of alcohol,” praises me for finding energy in a cool taste. I can see what the secret of Hwang Tae-hae Jangguk, which captivated Kim Won-hee’s taste, is on the air.

The two diners also visit the publishing complex, one of Paju’s attractions. Kim Won-hee introduced his best friend’s playground, “I often find it to fill my emotions,” and attracted attention by guiding actor Lee Kwang-ki to the exhibition studio. There, he bought a piece owned by Bill Gates of the United States and succeeded in investing (?)From the story to the works of luxury brands F and collaborations, the identity of the works in the studio that stimulated Kim Won-hee’s desire for the collection is also revealed.

In addition, Kim Won-hee, who has become a “half-hundred-year-old,” has an inevitable menopause (?) and has been holding her husband and tearing her tears while she is spreading her food (?)) will be released to the public.
It is no exaggeration to say that the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19), which shook the world last year, has changed our lives. Although vaccines and treatments are emerging this year, experts believe that the influence of Corona 19 will continue for a considerable period of time.
Naturally, Corona 19 affects not only our daily life but also the household economy, and the prolonged Corona 19 seems to have an effect on asset management methods.

According to a survey conducted by NH Investment & Securities’ 100-year-old research institute on the 20th, the income of 44% of households decreased to Corona 19 last year.

In particular, self-employed workers (79.5%) showed a significant decrease in income compared to workers (38.2%) and public officials (30%. When asked about the income outlook this year, only 16.5% of the respondents said that income would increase from last year, and 52.2% said they would maintain income level last year. In addition, 31.3% of the respondents said that income would be further reduced.
“In general, when an economic crisis occurs, we tend to reduce current spending to cope with uncertainty and stockpile funds for the future,” said a senior researcher. “In particular, Corona 19 is likely to have further shrinking spending due to involuntary activity constraints such as social distances, unlike other economic crises.”

Since the Corona 19 crisis, governments have kept their benchmark interest rates low for economic stimulus, and the Federal Reserve, the US central bank, has also maintained zero interest rates even as the economic recovery accelerates.

The Fed said it had frozen the current benchmark interest rate of 0.00 to 0.25% at a two-day regular meeting. Despite concerns over the financial market for inflation, the company expects to maintain zero interest rates by 2023.

Therefore, experts say that the paradigm of asset management is rapidly shifting from savings to investment. Even if you take risks, you are more interested in investment that can increase your expected profit.

In fact, the survey showed that the most common question was debt repayment (33%) when asked about the preferred investment destination when income increase or extra funds were generated, followed by investment in stocks and financial products (25%), savings such as examples and savings (19%), preparation for old age (11%), and real estate (7%).The most noticeable point is that they have invested more than savings.

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