If you need to know human psychology, you should watch it at least once.

The film begins with a meeting between Will Smith (Niki) and Magorobi (Jess).
I think it’s a meeting between a high-level thief and a beginner thief.
Nicky is not trying to do big things, but trying to make big money on small things.
Jess, on the other hand, wants to make up for his misfortunes.

It’s a good picture of human psychology, and it’s a good idea to catch it.
According to a YouTube review, it is a source of wealth in this source of wealth.
It’s a movie that I got inspired to watch.

It is a movie that makes you think about where to focus on ways to persuade people and steal hearts from the realm of unconsciousness.

They act as a group, and as a way to overcome small thefts with economies of scale,
Stealing, looting, and robbing.

When humans are focused on something else being seduced.

It’s obvious that the techniques of acting and technology have been added to the most of them.
There’s a variety of characters.
Everyone is cheering for Nicky.

Nicky doesn’t go beyond the scope.
That’s how I decided to be everyone’s hero.
Betting big money.

Even though I said no gambling on the host.
That’s how the watches you collect are all about precious metal wallets.
It is organized and collected in everyone’s place.

So they shout Nicky.

The experience of violence suffered by parents as a child is never forgotten. This experience acts as a low perception or prejudice against violence 토렌트 사이트 regardless of one’s will. When a son who was raised by his father grows up to be an adult and gives birth to a child, he/she promises to never use violence and raise it with love, but he/she is often surprised to find himself/herself scratching his/her hands when his/her child is in trouble.

From the beginning of the movie, young Dabin is indifferent to his father’s violence and lives by accepting it as a daily routine. Then one day, someone’s hand comes up from the flower bed and another father appears to protect him from violence, and he puts his father into his flower bed and seals it with tape. Then, a new father who presents flowers to Dabin, touches the bruised Dabin’s face warmly. I like Dabin’s new father so much, but he originally covers his father with dirt. This is the first reverberation against the indiscriminate violence of young Dabin’s father. Originally, the sound of his father’s breath made Dabin so painful that he couldn’t breathe, and the new father was supposed to relieve his father’s soil to breathe. Then Dabin, who breathes, blankly looks at his original father and covers his mouth again with tape.

One of the TV programs I watched as a child was the American drama Twilight Zone.

The drama is about children abandoning their parents and choosing other parents just as they choose animals to adopt at the zoo. Even though I saw it when I was young, I felt a lot of lingering feelings because I wondered if it was the secret and dark side of the world. The production seemed to be considering and experimenting with something to replace conventional elements in the play, but the expression was not rough and stylish. In addition, the actors’ energy approached the audience and the audience was concentrated, the actors’ sounds and movements, and each and every one of them was refined, and this movie revolves around a conflict in which the same father appears one day.
They’re betting big like this.

I told you not to gamble.

I’ll lose all this money.

And shout twice.

He says it’s a whole series of processes for games that take human psychology into account.
It tells us that the movie has resulted in a good reflection of human psychology in this scene.

That great risk comes back to great profit.
I don’t know what to prepare for a big bet.
a film about human psychology

How weak a human being is.
A movie that makes you feel.

If you need to know human psychology, you should watch it at least once.

Where should I focus on to win the hearts of the people I’m attracted to?
I can tell.

We have to convince someone.
Living in a world of wealth where wealth can be obtained.

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