Above all, I felt refreshed because I was able to relieve my stress!

Today, I’ll tell you a review from Songpa Men’s Massage Shop. I’ve been thinking about massages because I’ve been feeling so stiff lately, but when I looked through Gunma Vanhada, there was a discount event in Songpa, so I quickly made a reservation and went there. I’m so satisfied with the cheap massage skills, so I’m leaving a review.

This time, I visited a place called Andante, a massage shop in Songpa, which is exclusively for men and specializes in Swedish and Romeo! I was looking forward to it because the reviews were good, but I was really satisfied to tell you the conclusion! First of all, the atmosphere of the shop was clean and modern. I really liked the accessibility because it was close to the Jang area!

When I entered the men’s massage shop in Songpa, an employee welcomed me. It was a friendly and friendly atmosphere, so I was relaxed at once. I was able to start off pleasantly, but I decided to massage first, paid for it, and then went into the changing room. There are a total of three courses here, and I chose 90 minutes and 130,000 won and paid in advance!

When I came into the dressing room, 송파 건마 it was very neat and tidy here, but I changed into the maintenance suit that I received, and it was pleasant without smell and no dampness. I immediately felt that sanitary care was going well. As expected, I thought it was a good thing I trusted and came back! Above all, being clean was such a big advantage for me! The first thing after changing was to take a foot bath course.

About 15 minutes of foot bath? About 10 minutes? It’s a very simple course, and it relaxes and facilitates blood circulation. I really liked the fact that Songpa Men’s Massage Shop has this. The aroma powder in the foot bath was so beautiful that the scent and the feeling of the foot bath were great! After a while, I moved to the care room for full-fledged care! I don’t know if it’s because of the size, but it doesn’t feel stuffy even if I stay indoors for a long time

When I lay down on the bed in the care room, it felt really good, and there were holes in the face, so I didn’t feel uncomfortable breathing or hurt my head. And the manager was so good that he did a great job even if I didn’t tell him everywhere. Maybe it’s because my hands were so delicate, but I was able to have a very satisfying time. It was refreshing to relieve my stiffness and stress more than anything else!

After the satisfactory Swedish care, I came into the shower room to remove any excess oil from my body. The shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and everything I need to wash is ready, so I took a shower without any inconvenience! It was so refreshing that I wanted to use Songpa Men’s Massage Shop often.

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